"Safeguard, uphold, and administer Justice fairly and independently without fear, favor,or undue delay in accordance with the Rule of Law to inspire trust and confidence and to enhance access to Justice".

Message from Chief Justice

His Majesty the King has profoundly stated that: “Rule of law involves fair administration of justice and non-arbitrary exercise of power by those in authority and the undisputed regard and compliance of the laws by the people.”

 His Majesty has commanded that: “Law is like the air we breathe, its presence is unnoticed but its absence and bad laws will be lethal. Adherence to laws brings about discipline and order in society, ensuring peace and trust amongst people. Therefore, we must all respect law, and law must be upheld without question just as we do not question the need to breathe.”

The laws must be clear, concise, consistent, and direct. It must have a functional and utilitarian purpose and must be applied consistently and fairly by the executive and the judicial branches. Law is not an end, but a means to securing peace and stability. As envisioned by His Majesty, law is the embodiment of the hopes of the people and the rule of law is the protector of justice. Together, it must ensure the continued wellbeing of the people and sustain the whole edifice of our society and the nation. His Majesty has commanded that: “... failure of justice persecutes an individual, but the lack of adherence to rule of law persecutes an entire nation.”

 The creation of a reliable, fair and efficient justice system is a necessary component of a just, equitable and fair society under the rule of law. The Judiciary of Bhutan, under the benevolent guidance of His Majesty and with support of the Government, has and will continue to uphold the rule of law, and shall endeavor to fulfill its mandates as provided under Article 21, Section 1 of the Constitution with utmost dedication.

The Judiciary is ecstatic, honored and privileged to greet the most joyous announcement of the impending birth of the Royal Heir, to the Golden Throne. The Judiciary offers its humble prayers for the good health of Her Majesty the Gyaltsuen and the safe and auspicious birth of the Royal Prince, who will continue to turn the wheel of Choesid-nyi and the glorious lineage of Palden Drukpa.

The Royal Courts of Justice reaffirms its pledge to endeavor in perpetuating public trust and confidence in the justice delivery system and the rule of law. The Judiciary shall continue to enhance competence of judicial personnel, initiate reforms and ensure progress with Bhutanese values and traditions being the essence of any change and strive to promote and preserve our culture, traditions and national language - Dzongkha.

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