Danish Supports Training of Bench Clerks

Posted: 20 July, 2016

Category: Press Releases

Danish Supports training of Bench Clerks and Judges on Case Information System(CIS)

The IT division of the High Court in Thimphu has trained more than Eighty Bench Clerks of the Courts in the Kingdom over three weeks and concluded on 23rd March, 2007. With the introduction of computerized case management system in the judiciary, up-gradation of the knowledge and skills of the bench clerks have become crucial to provide faster and effective judicial services to the people. The improvised case management system which was developed with the financial assistance from the Liaison Office of Denmark imbibes the user-friendly case information system. With specifically developed software for the Judiciary, our courts today are able to generate accurate information and reports which are made available in the Judicial website. The mechanized form of modern Technology System in the Judiciary further inhances judicial and public access to legal and judicial information ensuring judicial efficiency and accountability, access to justice, quality justice and judicial transparency. Almost all the courts have Local Area Network (LAN), which networks the judicial staff of the court and then link through Wide Area Network (WAN) of the judicial website in line with the IT Strategic Policy of the Judiciary. With the creation of the It division as part of the continuing judicial reforms manned by IT Officers enables to execute, develop, manages case flows, analyses case statistics, judicial database, case information, researches and update of the judicial website. They also digitally store case information of all the courts in Bhutan, which is intended to share information within the staff of the judiciary, lawyers and the general public. The 18th National Judicial Conference among the judges of Bhutan commencing from 4th April, 2007 in Thimphu is expected to further streamline judicial reforms and the training of the judges in improvised case information system and the up-gradation of knowledge in the field of ICT.